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Management consulting
Let us forget neologisms and abstruse speech to focus on true value creation.
Optimising organisation, controlling and reducing costs, increasing performance and quality, that is the non-exclusive list of improvements required within a department or company in order to increase margins, reduce deadlines, win new contracts or develop new products.
No stonewalling : we remain practical and uncompromising.

We develop an operational action plan and ensure its implementation. Our pragmatic approach targets quantifiable results.

A few examples of deliverables linked to our interventions:
  • Business plan
  • Investment/ modernisation plan
  • Industrial or commercial site development plan
  • Marketing plan
  • New product development plan
  • Profitability improvement plan
  • Improvement and quality assurance plan
  • Reorganisation plan
  • Redundancy programme
  • Target organisation
  • Management diagram
  • Procedures and functions guide
  • Tailored specifications


The Partner-Advisor for Entrepreneurs

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