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Exporting in Russia

An Advisor who gets himself involved

Tired of those endless business travels and meetings with prospective importers ?

Thanks to our dedicated facilities, BK Consultants is able to undertake on your behalf the export and sales operations for your products in Russia.

You will have one single point of contact, with whom you will define your project, objectives and constraints. We take care of the rest : products certifications, marketing authorizations, labelling, import and custom clearance operations through our own trade facilities, ensuring a complete security of the transactions and the traceability of your products inside the country.

Beyond that, we can also take care of the storage, the marketing and sale of your products  in Russia via our locally licensed structures.

No need for you to overcome the numerous cultural and administrative barriers which punctuate the journey of the exporter to Russia. With a single point of contact in France, your operations are processed and brought to completion.

You retain the overall management of your export project. We take care of the operational side from beginning to end.

As a matter of course, our services can be combined and customized according to the nature of your products and to your objectives of penetrating this vast market. For instance we are able to organize brand awareness campaigns, carry out market studies, develop and register websites in "ru", adapt or create designs for your product presentations or outlets, etc.

If you prefer to go ahead through the whole process on your own,  we will be glad to share our experience and to assist you in the successful implementation of your products in Russia.

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