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Lean Manufacturing

 A constantly renewed quest…

Seiketsu, Shitsuke, kanban, poka-yoké, kaizen, just-in-time, pull system, error proofing, value stream mapping, SMED, TPM … as many concepts and techniques from the Japanese automobile industry (especially Toyota), which were first taken up and implemented throughout its factories by the Western Automotive Industry during the 1970s – 80s, then expanded to the circle of the main suppliers as part of its policy of outsourcing starting from the second half of the 1980s.

The approach, under the generic term "Lean Manufacturing" or "Lean Management" and its "5S", has since crossed the boundaries of the world of automotive in order to be applied in the whole repetitive industry then to the batch production before being adopted for semi continuous or even continuous processes: aeronautics, electrical, agro-food, electronics, chemical industry, steel, cables, furniture, etc.

 Designed to be adopted and implemented by the greatest number of workers and employees, the method and the tools for improving performance are still largely unknown. The cause resides certainly in the abstruse terminology, used in unison by publications and service offerings, like a ritual incantation reserved for insiders. In fact, once demystified, implementation is extremely pragmatic, logical and often even fun.

 Having been versed in operations to improve performance since the mid-1980s, BK Consultants has developed an approach based on active participation of the teams involved, not only during the implementation phase, but in daily practice, real foundation of the method.

 Indeed, far from being an impossible dream, Manufacturing Excellence remains a goal towards which one should constantly strive to reach. Toyota , unchallenged world leader in this category for more than 70 years, keeps working on it with an unparalleled success in terms of quality of production and products. The Toyota Production System or TPS is a reference in the world of manufacturing.


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