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Strategy implementations
Opportunity, economic situation, technological development, legal change ... Major decisions for the future of your company have to be made on a regular basis.
We provide an impartial, professional and constructive approach.
Our interventions can spread over several levels:
  • Methodology and substance contribution to your consideration of business development or restructuring (products, markets, external expansion, international development, focussing back in on the core business, etc.):
    • Diagnosis of the current situation (barriers, opportunities, etc.)
    • Positioning of the project within its environment (benchmarking)
    • Lines for development
  • Confirmation process and development of the roadmap, based on your choice and formulation of the selected directions:
    • Drawing up economic, industrial and financial feasibility studies
    • Development of an action plan
  • Raising awareness and mobilising the targeted public wether it be in-house or third party (shareholders, colleagues, customers, suppliers, bankers, authorities, partners, etc.):
    • Getting the population concerned to support the project
    • Promoting the project
    • Presenting the case file to financing bodies
 Staying by your side we undertake the implementation. 
BK Consultants
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