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Market instability, a downturn in expansion curves, increasing global competition, miscellaneous threats to the company, the force of public opinion and the media, a slump in executive motivation.... Every company manager faces these challenges on a daily basis.

To enable you to reach your objectives, our work methodologies rest on four principles:

A personalised approach

Every company and every project is unique, and no achievement, however successful it may be, can ever be reproduced.  It is for this reason that our response to your requirements is also unique, based on a rigorous methodology and on our consultants' ability to innovate and adapt to your specific business and company culture.


Our interventions respect the balance between the human factor and the requisites of company viability: productivity, product quality, technology, dynamic marketing and effective management, without forgetting the sensitive issue of managing sources of finance.


An in-depth understanding of the requirements and constraints that weave the daily fabric of your business enables us to deal with your immediate problems and act as a true partner in accompanying your development.


All of our assignments are carried out in the strictest confidentiality, and with conscientious adherence to the ethical rules covering discretion and independence that are standard good practice in the audit and consultancy sectors