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BK Consultants has been accompanying managers in their company development and strategy for over 50 years, covering numerous countries and business sectors.

This experience is available to you, brought by  an all-rounder team of assignment managers and project leaders backed up by an international network.

Just like us, you are aware that an outer advice is worthwhile only  if supported by technical competence, rigorous methods and creativity. Only these, combined with the professionalism and service quality offered by our members, authorise us to make recommendations that have your future at stake.

To define and implement a development strategy, to hone your competitive edge, to optimise flow and organisation, to make the most of your human resources, to face up to changes in the markets, to manage relations with the authorities and third parties, we can be the partner you need at your side, to help you meet all of these challenges. 

Building your success together, that is what the BK Consultants teams have in mind.

                                                                Jean-Claude DUTOIT