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Development of the provision of banking facilities to Jordanian SMEs

Иордания   /   2004 - 2005

Business activity : Банки и Страхование, Сектор услуг
Area of Excellence :

Project objective :

Assist Bank D in improving the overall provision of banking facilities to Jordanian SMEs, including a continued improvement in the availability of medium and long term finance.


Project implementation :

  • Advice and assistance, including on the job training, to Bank D management in developing SME business strategy, using examples of similar strategies used by major European banks
  • Advice in the organisational requirements of implementing the strategy, including human resources allocation
  • Support to designated specialist staff in the implementation of the SME business strategy on following aspects :
    • development of Traget Market Criteria
    • product and service development
    • development and implementation of marketing and communication campaigns
    • staff training
    • development of an appropriate Management Information System
    • design and development of comprehensive call programmes

Client : EJADA   -   Funding : Commission Européenne/European Commission

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