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Strategic diagnosis and upgrading plan for two SMEs of the chemical industry sector

Business activity : Химическая и нефтехимическая отрасль
Area of Excellence :

Project objectives:

  • Detailed assessment of the current situation of each company through identification of its strengths, weaknesses and dysfunctions, and its positioning toward national competition.
  • Elaboration of an upgrading action plan.

Project implementation :

  • Assessment of the current situation

    • overall analysis of the company's main functions (production, quality, human resources, finance and accounting) in terms of business management, organization, performances, information system and reporting ;
    • diagnostic report presenting the SWOT analysis results for each function of the company , in relation with its competition environment and its developement strategy, and identification of the priority actions to be implemented.
  • Elaboration of an upgrading plan

    • validation with the company's management of the diagnostic report and the priority actions ;
    • elaboration of the detailed specifications and terms of reference for the action plan implementation, validated with the company management.

Funding : Commission Européenne/European Commission

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