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MTP IV- Managers' Training Programme

Azerbaijan, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan   /   2006 - 2008
( 2 years )

Business activity : Agro-industry, Construction & Civil Engineering, Energy, Pharmaceutical industry, Service
Area of Excellence : International development, Training

Objective of the project :

To initiate and develop professional exchanges between executives and top managers from Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek and Azerbaijani companies and their counterparts in European companies, thus improving their respective understanding of the socio-economic mechanisms of the different markets and fostering the creation of new partnerships.

Approach implemented by BK Consultants :

  • In-depth analysis of the MTP IV candidates' profiles :
    • review of each candidate's profile: education level, seniority and responsabilities in his/her company, expressed needs and candidate's topics of interest
    • evaluation of the candidate's motivation and his/her fluency in foreign languages
    • company survey : business sector, financial data, development projects
    • pre-selection
  • Identification of European companies in the pre-selected sectors :
    • identification in each sector of the potential opportunities for CEI markets
    • introduction of the programme and candidates to the decision-makers in European companies
    • interest's matchmaking and highlighting of partnerships opportunities between MTP candidates' companies and European companies
  • Logistic and administrative management of each trainee
  • follow-up and individual coaching of each trainee throughout the training period (interviews person-to-person, questionnaires)
  • Organisation of follow-up seminars :
    • Mid-training seminar : distinctive features of the European economic environment, communication barriers, problem-solving methods
    • Closing seminar: experience sharing between the trainees, formalisation of gained experience,strengths, weaknesses to be corrected.

Traineeships duration :

  • 8 to 12 weeks for executives (25 to 40 years of age)
  • 4 weeks for top managers (35 to 55 years of age)

Client : Commission EuropĂ©enne / European Commission   -   Funding : U.E./TACIS

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