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Feasibility study for the reconstruction of the RUS Resort Complex

Russian Federation
Business activity : Service, Tourism
Area of Excellence : Management consulting, Operational advice, Strategy implementations

Objectives of the project :

To assess the financial feasibility of a rehabilitation project for the RUS Resort Complex on the Black Sea Coast

Approach implemented :

  • Overall analysis of the tourism and health resorts market in Rusia
  • Assessment of the RUS Resort
  • Identification of development key determinants and trends
  • Detailed market analysis by services, review of pricing policy, review of legal requisites and limitations
  • Review of prerequisites for a development plan (architectural, techno-economic)
  • Development of an organisation plan
  • Development of a financial implementation plan assessed from two angles, financial solvency and investment efficiency
  • Risk analysis in term of :
      • technical feasibility and practical implementation
      • general outlook for the resort business in Russia
      • general socio-political and environmental situation
      • demand for resorts compound services
      • Rus' financial and economic stability and prospects

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