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Vocational training and human ressources development

Business activity : Employment & Vocational Training
Area of Excellence : Strategy implementations, Technical Assistance, Training

Project objectives :

In the framework of the IMP(« Industrial Modernisation Programme »), funded by the European Union in Jordan :
  • to assess the current situation of TVET and human resources development in Jordan;
  • to prepare recommendations aiming at improving the quality of the TVET and its adaptation to the Jordanian enterprises needs / requirements.

Project implementation :

  • analysis and assessment of the Jordanian TVET system (capacity building needs, market position and growth capacity), including Universities (notably the « University of Jordan Management School », the University House for Consultancy and Training Services », etc.), Institutes and other private TVET providers ;
  • assessment of the Jordanian enterprises needs (current and foreseeable) ;
  • level of adequacy (current and foreseeable) between TVET needs and offer ;
  • elaboration and proposal of more adapted curricula, according to the Jordanian enterprises needs and to a competency-based approach ;
  • policy recommendations and proposal of adapted action plans :
    • actions aiming at institutional strengthening, capacity building and improvement of teaching methods of the TVET institutions,
    • actions aiming at adapting training programmes to the enterprises needs and at implementing / reinforcing the institutional interfaces” between the TVET system and the private sector,
    • identification of Jordanian TVET providers eligible to the IMP financial support and drafting of related procedures;
  • preparation of the "Graduate Entreprise Programme" aiming at strenghtening the technological transfers from University to enterprises and generating employment opportunities.

Funding : Commission Européenne/European Commission

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