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Training modules on SMEs development strategy

Business activity : Public sector and Administration
Area of Excellence : Technical Assistance, Training

Project objectives :

  • Develop two training modules and conduct training sessions on following topics :" SMEs upgrading" and "SMEs strategy and development plan" for the Ministry of SMEs upper staff (30) and 50 company managers.
  • Assist the Ministry of SMEs in the development of its capabilities for analysis and action.

Project implementation :

  • training of the  Ministry of SMEs upper staff responsible for the elaboration of the SMEs sector development strategy, allowing them to
        • become familiar with the different methodologies for the elaboration of SMEs strategies and development plans,
        • explain the strategic system concept, adopt a strategic analysis approach and make use of its tools,
        • be familiar with european examples of SMEs development strategy elaboration and implementation ;
  • training sessions for company managers on SMEs development strategy  and particularly on following topics :
        • role and importance of a company development strategy,
        • implications for the algerian SMEs of the  oncoming tariff barriers removal and the strengthening of international competition,
        • related issues and challenges.

Funding : Commission Européenne

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