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Feasibility study for the modernisation of an aluminium processing company

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Objectives of the project

  • To develop an overall improvment programme over five years in order to meet marketing targets and manufacturing cost reduction objectives
  • To assist the company in the presentation of its project in order to obtain a co-financing

Approach implemented by the consultants

  • Review of current business, management and financial structures of the company compared to market requirements and forthcoming developments
  • Review of production and commercial process from a quality and cost efficiency improvement standpoint
  • Review of existing financial, legal and commercial data
  • Review of the company strategic orientations and implementation axes
  • Identification of priority actions
  • Development of a plan for a progressive modernisation of the plant in several coherent steps in order to improve the quality of the product (international standards) and to enlarge the product range, focusing on the core activity of the company : flat products
  • Development of an Efficiencly Improvement Plan focusing on sales organisation development and general industrial efficiency
  • Development of a five year business plan , based on :
    • the market evolution
    • the position of BKMPO on the market opportunities
    • A related realistic sales forecast
    • the technical investment including implementation
    • the Efficiency Improvment Plan

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