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Road Maintenance Programme in Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Madagascar

Буркина-Фасо, Мадагаскар, Танзания   /   2008 - 2009

Сфера деятельности: , Капитальное и гражданское строительство

Project objective :

  • To support the betterment of the local services in the road maintenance sector
  • To contribute to the training of selected SMEs (contractors and Consulting enterprises) involved in the road maintenance sector
  • To contribute to the capacity building of the concerned Professional Associations active in the road maintenance sector

Project implementation :

  • Establishment of a close cooperation with all concerned counterparts,  a work plan with local experts and cooperation agreements with local institutions
  • Selection of the target enterprises and assessment of the most crucial training/capacity building needs (definition of evaluation criteria: critical size, quality of management, level of equipment, etc.; data gathering and interview of target SMEs, ranking of target SMEs/Professional Associations and training needs assessment)
  • Preparation and organisation of tailor-made seminars for SMEs, and for consultants and  Professional Associations (preparation of TORs for the training programmes, set-up of the training teams, elaboration of the training modules and didactic material, organisation and logistics) with a close coordination between topics and target publics, to ensure a proper pedagogic progression through tailor-made case studies and workshops
  • Management and overall monitoring of about 10 training seminars for each country including organisational and logistic aspects and invitation of keynote speakers, evaluation and follow-up
  • Preparation and organisation of 4 sensitisation/training seminars on Performance Based Contracts in each country once the first phase of training was completed (assessment of needs and design of the programme, preparation of the seminars, organisation and logistics) towards key players (department of Roads, Road Fund Authority, Professional Associations, etc.)
  • Identification of/ support to the most relevant projects proposed by participating enterprises : preliminary assessment, implementation and monitoring of supporting actions
  • Final evaluation of the results achieved by the programme and propositions for further follow-up / dissemination actions

Client : CDE   -   Funding : Commission Européenne

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