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Education and training for employment in the MEDA Region

Алжир, Греция, Египет, Иордания, Испания, Италия, Ливан, Марокко, Тунис, Франция   /   2002 - 2003

Сфера деятельности: , Занятость и Профессиональное обучение

Project objectives :

To define, through a tailored participative and "bottom-up" approach an overall MEDA Regional Programme "Education and training for employment", mainly targeted :
  • to combat and prevent unemployment ;
  • to support the occupational integration of young people ;
  • to assist the TVET institutions of Med partners in reinforcing and improving their educational capacities;
  • to increase co-operation between Euro-Mediterranean education and training institutions.

Project implementation :

  • setting-up, with the EC, of a network of 50 representatives of EC, 12 Meda partners, EU member states and relevant institutions (such as ETF) ;
  • assessment of current TVET and employment current situation, present policies, ongoing reforms and perspectives over the MEDA Region (presented in the project's "Background Paper") ;
  • organisation of two EuroMed conferences (50 participants), three thematic workshops (~35 participants) and technical Committees, to discuss the assessment, to exchange on selected "case studies" and to progressively define the most adapted Regional Programme ;
  • definition and proposition of the Regional Programme (presented in the project's "Concept paper"), which will encompass four main components:

Main outcomes of the project:

Unanimous approbation, by the EuroMed partners, of the proposed Regional Programme, which will encompass four main components (details available on the project"s web site: ):

  • organisation of an annual EuroMed forum dedicated to "education and training for employment",
  • setting-up of an EuroMed network of national observatories dealing with TVET and employment,
  • organisation, over Meda partners, of two pilot programmes targeted to develop and implement at national level:
    • ODL (Open and Distance Learning) tools for IT and other selected trades, 
    • support to self employment,
  • an EuroMed network of ETE experts already operational and used to exchanges and to common working methods.

Funding : Commission Européenne

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