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Identify potential partners for a company in the pharmaceutical sector

Сфера деятельности: , Фармацефтическая отрасль

Project objectives :

  • To assist the company in the achievement of its medium term growth target : to be positioned as one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.
  • To enhance the company's marketing and technical capability through a partnership/strategic alliance with an international pharmaceutical company.

Project implementation :

  • assessment of  the range of implications of establishing a Strategic Alliance/Partnering Arrangement, including markets, product range, technologies, development and production costs, mutual opportunities for market penetration and diversity of offering ;
  • study of the types of arrangements from agency agreements to full merger opportunities and consolidation of the position the company wishes to take ;
  • advice on the challenges of such a development  ;
  • identification of potential partners for further development of the company, particularly in the area of derma-cosmetics ;
  • establishment of a list of agreed "targets" to approach;
  • implementation of the process :  planning and preparation, evaluation of potential partners, structuring for the new conditions and implementation.

Funding : Commission Européenne/European Commission

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