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Study of data processing system migration and future development

Сфера деятельности: , Фармацефтическая отрасль

Project objective :

Provide the national syndicate for pharmaceutical industry (LEEM) with a technical and financial decision tool for IT investment

Project implementation :

  • Study of system migration
    • Overview, performances evaluation and assessment of the management of the existing system (architecture analysis, functions identification, listing of the main users'needs, evaluation of the global performance of the system)
    • Study of the impact of a migration to a PC/Windows environment (identification of new functionalities provided, evaluation of problems linked to files conversion/recovery, assessment of training needs, definition of necessary equipment, global financial investment)
    • Elaboration of two detailed scenarii (stepped migration/direct migration) and of tailored specifications for each scenario
  • Identification of the objectives assigned to the information system in the next three years
  • Definition of the main steps of investment and deployment to pursue these objectives

Client : Syndicat de l'industrie pharmaceutique   -   Funding : privé

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