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Development program for the Yakasse Attobrou County

Кот д'Ивуар
Сфера деятельности: , Водные рессурсы, Занятость и Профессиональное обучение, Сельское хозяйство, Утилизация и переработка отходов, Энергетика

Project objective

To define an overall development program for the Yakasse Attobrou County (60 000 inhabitants) in order to address

  • the immediate needs of the population
  • the local authorities'wish to lean on human and economical potentialities of the region to create an added value in order to reach self-sufficiency level

Project implementation

  • Identification of development objectives with regard to health, education, housing, water commodities, waste treatment, electrification, land registration and roads.
  • Review of existing programs for economic and social development
  • Selection of key orientations in terms of socioeconomic impact
  • Validation with public and private decision-makers and operators
  • Elaboration of a development programme and related action plan

Client : Région de Yakasse Attobrou

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