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Implementation and management of the TACIS Coordination Unit for the Russian Federation

Сфера деятельности: , Занятость и Профессиональное обучение, Пищевая промышленность, Телекоммуникационная отрасль, Транспорт и логистика, Энергетика

Project objectives :

  • To assume the overall  responsibilities and management of the TACIS Co-ordinating Unit in Moscow, state-owned organisation placed under the Russian government's responsibility. Identify and implement, once approved and financed by the European Commission, technical assistance projects for the entire Russian Federation.

Project implementation :

  • Setting up of a team of 20 expatriate and local experts in Moscow, specialised in various domains, such as :
        • human resources development
        • enterprise restructuring and development
        • transport and telecommunications
        • infrastructures
        • energy, including nuclear safety
        • food production, processing and distribution, etc
  • assistance in the formulation of the country strategy ;
  • examining and commenting on the country and sectoral strategy prepared by European Commission services ;
  • identification of potential projects and final beneficiaries in the light of co-ordination with actions funded by other donors ;
  • preparation of the annual Action Programme and participation in the wrap-up session with the National Authorities ;
  • pre-selection of projects ;
  • preparation of projects outlines ;
  • drafting of terms of reference and presentation to the final recipient ;
  • assistance to the experts for implementation ;
  • monitoring and evaluation, reporting to the European Commision in Brussels and to the Russian technical ministries concerned.

Funding : Commission Européenne/European Commission

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