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Feasibility study for a tourism development project

Сфера деятельности: , Туризм

Project objectives:

  • To assess the technical and economical feasibility of a tourism development project in Xishanbanna comprising hotel rebuilding, implementation of transport commodities, development of an scenery village and building of three production units (crafts, food products and tourist items).

Project implementation :

  • survey of the local and regional tourism market, visitors typology, accommodation capacities, transport facilities;
  • analysis of the project and its coherence with the market situation;
  • refocusing of the project on its three key components;
  • review of existing infrastructure and identification of further requirements of construction works, equipments, services and training;
  • study of the social impact;
  • analysis of tangible and intangible investment required, operating cost projections and financing means;
  • recommandations in terms of marketing strategy and training program.

Funding : Banque Mondiale/World Bank

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