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Technical support to the design and construction of a new plant of galvanized steel production

Russian Federation
Business activity : Metallurgy - Siderurgy
Area of Excellence : International developmentTechnical Assistance

Objectives of the project :

  • Provide technical assistance to Arcelor project team in order to customize project's technical environment to the Russian context (technology, materials, norms, competencies, strength of materials, weather conditions and culture, ...)
  • Secure a private investment in emerging country through a joint-venture (new production plant)

Approach implemented :

  • Overall plan scheduling
  • Setting-up of workshops amont JV engineers (French-Russian) and with Russian engineering companies
  • Training of the Russian JV project team on Total Quality Management
  • Development of a formal procedure for WIP approval at each construction stage of the new factory
  • Advice on legal aspects of work relationships between the joint-venture and Russian engineering companies


One international expert specialized in feasibility studies with a very good knowledge of the Russian context

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