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Overall value assessment of a privately owned ammunition manufacturating company and identification of potential investors

Business activity : Defense Industry
Area of Excellence : Strategy implementations

Project objectives:

  • Assess the market value of the company.
  • Develop scenarios aiming at facilitating a company buy-out while ensuring the future of its activity.
  • Identify potential investors.

Project implementation :

  • overall assessment of the company with regard to its current and potential market requirements;
  • development of a comprehensive 5 year development and improvement program based on SWOT analysis;
  • validation of targeted sales forecast based on world wide market demand and applicable ammunition licenses;
  • review of existing financial, legal and commercial data;
  • assessment of additional investment requirements to meet targeted sales (i.e. increasing capacity, quality, flexibility, etc.);
  • restatement of tangible (land, building, tooling, etc.) and intangible (licenses) assets;
  • development of a five year business plan and of related discounted and free cash flow analyses;
  • final assessment of the value of the company;
  • identification of potential investors;
  • development of sale's material and handling of the data room.


One international expert in company assessment. One international expert in financial engineering
Client : Confidentiel/confidential   -   Funding : Client

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