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Strategic benchmarking study for the pharmaceutical branch

Business activity : Pharmaceutical industry
Area of Excellence : International developmentStrategy implementations

Project objectives :

  • Provide a benchmark analysis on national and international competitors/markets to help tunisian companies to position themselves against worldwide competition, thus allowing them to develop a strategy aiming at improving their competitiveness.
  • Report on current statut of the branch's activity in Tunisia and weigh its current level of development compared to selected foreign countries.
  • Analysis of the main economic and institutional data

Project implementation :

Branch's presentation and evolution during the past 5 years

  • Analysis of current worldwide situation :
    • market segmentation,
    • sales,
    • evolution by country,
    • R&D, licensing policy, "in licensing",
    • the new industrial strategy,
    • benchmark studies,
    • threats and opportunities.
  • Tunisan market survey :
    • the health sector :
      • medical structures, the Government's objectives, life expectancy, organisation of the branch, healthcare expenditures,
      • foreign trade,
      • product lines manufactured in Tunisia,
      • employment;
    • legal environment and regulation:
      • social security,
      • market authorizations,
      • controls and inspections,
      • sale prices,
      • specifics.
  • The pharmaceutical market in Tunisia :
      • size and outlook,
      • market analysis by products, manufacturers, geographical zones,
      • distribution networking, organisation, status, margins;
    • manufacturers:
      • numbers, rank, marketshare, geographical distribution,
      • partnerships, exports, national market,
      • employment,
      • investments,
      • manufacturing infrastructure,
      • marketing.
    • Governement's role.
    • Market outlooks.

Development strategy for the tunisian pharmaceutical branch and action plan

  • identification of promising niches/markets,
  • manufacturing, exports,
  • distribution network,
  • regulations and generic products,
  • recommendations for the branch upgrading (tangible and intangible aspects, global approach, identification of a marketing plan, relations with the authorities).

Funding : Commission Européenne/European Commission

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