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Exploratory market study for the telecommunication networks installation and maintenance companies

Business activity : ICT
Area of Excellence : Strategy implementations

Project objectives :

To advise, direct and accompany the reconversion of the telecommunication network installation and maintenance companies (12 000 employees).

Project implementation :
  • completion of a 5 year exploratory study on telecom networks installation and maintenance market and forseeable outlooks :
      • changes in technology, commercial outlooks and market structure evolution,
      • SWOT and benchmarking analysis of the companies,
      • study of conditions to be met by the companies to enter into new potential markets;
      • identification of organisational impact and required levellings (Human Resources, specific know-how, flexibility, etc.) compared to the orientations of company evolutions and changes;
      • development and implementation of the conversion programs;
      • tailor-made ongoing support to professional organisations and companies of the given sector :
          • annual analysis and update on foreseeable technology, commercial and structural adjustment outlooks for the telecommunication sector,
          • annual updating of forecast related to Human Resources requirements : employment level by profiles, job/qualification requirements, level of versatility, companies'management, etc.
          • hands on recommendations to companies'management and professional staff to better face new challenges,
          • in-house technical assistance : training, organisational issues, human ressources management, etc.

            The overall project implementation was sustained through a professional training program which was developed and conducted by BK Consultant's team of experts, in close collaboration with the Action Nationale de Coordination des Entreprises de Télécommunications, to the benefit of 25 companies of the given sector.

Client : France Telecom - Secrétariat d'Etat à  l'Industrie - SERCE - SCLE   -   Funding : Privé/Private funding

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