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Identification and support to implementation of investment projects in Hungary

Business activity : Agro-industry, Automotive, Chemical and petrochemical industry, ICT, Pharmaceutical industry, Waste management and recycling
Area of Excellence : International developmentStrategy implementations

Project objectives :

  • Develop french investments in Hungary in various industrial sectors on behalf of ITDH (Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency).

Project implementation :

  • selection of the most promising Hungarian industrial sectors, combining ITDH's potential investment priorities and french companies preferred sectors ;
  • preparation of a long list of companies / business units potentially interested by an investment in Eastern Europe, using all available sources (French Ministry for Foreign Trade, regional Chambers of Commerce, industrial sectors' Associations, banks and financial institution specialising in Central Europe) and BK Consultants'own contacts network ;
  • assessment of the potential investment projects through direct contact with the selected companies ;
  • preparation of a short-list of 30 companies presenting the strongest interest for an investment in Eastern Europe ;
  • elaboration of an Investor Profile for each companyƂ comprising the key characteristics of the operation, the project's present status and scenarri considered, the investors' requirements and criteria for decision making, and the most adapted offering to be developed by the Hungarian counterparts ;
  • development with ITDH of a tailor-made offer for each prospect, organisation of meetings in Hungary with the potential partners ;
  • assistance to the negotiation process.

Client : ITDH   -   Funding : ITDH

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