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Touristic development of Saint Laurent du Maroni

French Guiana
Business activity : Tourism
Area of Excellence : Operational adviceTechnical Assistance

Project objectives :

To assist the City of Saint Laurent du Maroni (French Guyana) in its project of touristic development.

Project implementation :

  • Assessment analysis of the tourism sector
      • number and characteristics of visitors;
      • communication and promotion efficiency (targets, media, content);
      • information and assistance to visitors (tourism office, documentation);
      • accommodation infrastructure: capacity, quality level;
      • existing attractions (opening, equipment, maintenance, access facilities);
      • potential attractions, etc.
  • Detailed recommendations for the key components and particularly :
      • communication plan more attuned to its target;
      • development of existing and potential attractions;
      • development of packages tours with attractive prices;
      • quality improvement of the accommodation infrastructures;
      • staff training plan (tourism bureau, hotel /restaurant);
      • support to new private initiatives;
      • financing opportunities.
  • Elaboration of action plans for each domain and assistance to their implementation.

Funding : Ville de Saint Laurent du Maroni/City of Saint Laurent du Maroni

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