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Methodology - Approach

Competitive analysis

Particularly useful for identifying economic development issues  in an uncertain future, essential before tackling new key milestones (new markets, new products, new partners, etc.) of  your Company development cycle, the competitive analysis is also the business health check-up that should be conducted from time to time throughout the life of your Company to ensure it's continuous growth.

Competitive Benchmarking

Enterprise appraisal

As a first step, our enterprise assessment methodology "QuickScan" aims at allowing a rapid assessment of either a stand alone company or a group of companies, in order to highlight major strengths and weaknesses for future business development.

Company Assessment

Project & Equity Funding

Whether through capital funding or in a form of a loan, reserach for additional funds is a natural quest for any company that develops. Note, however that the "nomen bonum" is an extremely cautious animal and that the number of attemps is limited!

Poor targeting, project perceived as immature, outside the area of competency, or oversized; History of the company and of the key person; inconsistency noted during the présentation, etc., the reasons why the lender or the investor should not invest or just doubt about the project are numerous. Any questioning and the case will be dischaged or burried.

The approach must be pragmatic and rigourous.Looking for capital seeds or poject funding is not the ultimate step. It always lies at the heart of the project.

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Project & Equity Funding

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Approach for Project Funding