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Monday, 15th March 2010

The project "Development of the JIB strategic plan" financed by the EU and launched on 5th October 2008, was officially closed on March 15, 2010. The project achievements were presented to the Steering Committee in the presence of :

- Ms. Germana TOPOLOVEC, Responsible for Economic Development at the European Commission Delegation in Jordan,

- Ms. Ban AL RASHDAN, Project Manager at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC), the Contracting Authority,

- Two JIB representatives: Mr. Elias FERRAJ, Project Manager for the JIB and Dr. Bashar AL-ZUBI, Senior Advisor to the CEO,

- The project's team: Ms. Arwa MOTHAFFAR, Policy expert, Jansette QUANDOUR, Promotion expert, Maka KHATIB, Investments promotion expert and Claire HURTEL, Project manager for BK Consultants, Mr. Dominique LECHEVIN, Team Leader and Mr. Hisham DAIRANIEH, Feasibility studies expert.

The Team implemented by BK Consultants focused on two major objectives :

- Revision and development of the Internal Strategy of the JIB and of the Investment Map and Investment Intelligence project

- Capacity building and training as well as HR development aiming at enhancing skills of JIB staff

The project mobilized 7 experts during 18 months and was carried out through 6 phases:

  • Revision and development of the JIB Strategic Plan: evaluation of JIB strenghts and weaknesses, definition and preparation of the processes, new services and tools required for JIB further development
  • Support to the Investment Map project:  preparation of 23 high added-value pre-feasibility studies in several key sectors in Jordan
  • Support to the Investment Intelligence project: preparation of 5 country packs, design and delivery of training sessions on promotional techniques, organization of outward promotion missions
  • Human Resources Policy and capacity building: development  and support to the HR policy within the JIB, evaluation and provision of JIB employees with specific training sessions, measuring JIB's personel's progresses and developing a reporting process,
  • Development of the JIB communication and promotion strategies to support investment in Jordan
  • IT support to enhance capacity of all JIB's units and to improve communication between the different units through the use of common tools (CRM, VOIP, communication...).

All outputs were delivered according to the workplan and the Project Management Unit was able to implement contingency plans when faced with constraints. Moreover, PMU responded to needs and requests of JIB management and provided additional outputs to strenghten the institution.

BK Consultants as well as its parnters in the project wish to the JIB a great success in its development and its achievements.

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