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Thursday, 25th June 2009


BK Consultants'experts just left for Burkina Faso on an assessment assignment of the PAEOB (assistance project for livestock farming in West Burkina).This is an institutional support project aimed at strengthening the capabilities of farmers and their organissations in order for them to be able to better contribute to the improvement of animal production and better benefit from the financing opportunities available in the region and at national level.


Land securisation and improvement of livestock sanitary environment are also essential parts of the project.


The mid-term assessment will allow to evaluate the assets, analyse the indicators, assess the progress in connection with the project available resources.

This assessment will also allow for correction of possible inadequacies hindering the project performances, and drawing lessons for the implementation of similar on-going or future projects.


BK Consultants has joined forces with SAEC, Société Africaine d'Etudes et de Conseils, located in Ouagadougou. Our international experts, one an agro-economist, the other a sociologist, will we working in close collaboration with a team of local specialists in livestock farming and agricultural development.

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