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Management and organisation consultancy

Syrian Arab Republic
Business activity : Agro-industry
Area of Excellence : Management consulting, Operational advice

Project objective :

Assistance in setting up a new export company specialised in the fresh and vegetable by establishing an efficient and professional international commercial operation targeting the international and local market focusing on raising the international competitiveness.

Project implementation :

  • formulating the corporate vision and strategy with the Board of Directors
  • setting up the organisational structure
  • identifying the daily workflow and task allocation of senior, middle and first line managers
  • identifying the role and responsibilities of the management
  • assigning job description and task allocation
  • developing administrative and operational procedures and processes
  • advising on salary structure and human resource development
  • setting up guidelines for a new reporting system to be implemented
  • implementing the organisation through training in leadership and management including on the job training.

Client : SEBC   -   Funding : Union EuropĂ©enne/European Union

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