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Organization of the Technical Center for the Wood Processing and Furniture Industry (CTIBA)

Morocco   /   2006 - 2008

Business activity : Wood processing and furnishing industry
Area of Excellence : Management consulting, Operational advice, Technical Assistance, Training

Project objectives

To assist the CTIBA's implementation in order to support the development of the wood and furniture sector and its professionals with efficient technical assistance services to help them achieving a quality level fitting the european markets expectations in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Zone implementation.

Project implementation

  • Organization

    • Definition of the Center most appropriate organization and structure for its operation in relation with the wood sector professionals and with research centers and universities ;
    • Identification of the human and material needs : job descriptions and profiles, elaboration of technical specifications, suppliers identification, evaluation ;
    • Recruitement of the Technical Center Managing Director ;
    • Recruitement and training of the Center staff (in such skills as project management, administration, technological watch, customers relation and follow-up,...) ;
    • Assistance to the definition of CTIBA strategy and objectives ;
    • Definition of the form and nature of services to be offered by the Technical Center (advice, training, end products testing,...) ;
    • Design and implementation of the Center website.
  • Information - Communication

    • Elaboration and development of a communication plan towards professionals (national as well as international)
    • Technical assistance in information management (organization, inside and outside channels, procedures, filing).
  • Technical assistance

    • Implementation of the testing laboratories (equipments reception and installation, starting up, product testing, qualification testing) ;
    • Normalization/accréditation preparation ;
    • Staff training (in management of technical assistance project, technological watch organization, economic and sectoral studies, furniture design techniques, product testing and normalization process, training).
  • Development

    • Audit and control of implemented actions ;
    • Evaluation of the communication plan relevance ;
    • Development of a five year commercial and stragegic plan.

Client : Ministère de l'Industrie, du Commerce et de la Mise à Niveau de l'Economie   -   Funding : European Commission

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